Cormac O'Leary, Artist


                                                               The Stray Field  2018 - 22 

                                                                Oil on canvas 

                                                                92 x 183 cm 

                                                                Private Collection 

                                                                photo credit ; Dickon Whitehead 

                                                                This large scale painting was worked on for several years and too on a new importance to me in the studio                                                                          during the lockdowns. It was based on an old, neglected landscape glimpsed and explored in north Sligo, part                                                                      memory and part imagining. I began to add more layers and greater depth to the surface as the months of                                                                              isolation rolled on. I became fascinated with the endless possibilities of the concept of the 'Stray field' in Irish                                                                        mythology; which existed as a hazey twilight zone between the waking world and the dreamtime, a gateway                                                                   to the underworld from our daily reality.  

             C O'L 2022



2020 - 21 

During this period of time there were local and national lockdowns due to the global Covidpandemic.

Galleries closed (nationally and internationally) and the art world in general shut down

(online art activity increased, but lacked the necessary impact of seeing art in the 'real world') 

Unable to travel I began to focus on local environs for visual ideas, as well as returning to my art 

library for further inspiration.  










                                                                         Cormac & Caitriona O'Leary - 2 person show, Doorway Gallery, Dublin Feb / March 2013              




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